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Touch a button to trigger your action queue. If your actions are time-based you will see progress bar until all the actions are executed. But for single actions, you can also use the repetitive mode - touch and hold the button and Metagrid will continue triggering the action as long as you want. That’s great for zooming, scrolling, scrubbing and other navigation-related functions.
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From a single trigger to complex multi-step macros - anything that makes you work easier and less-repetitive. Send text, keyboard shortcuts, MIDI messages, app-specific commands for supported DAW applications and pause commands and watch Metagrid doing the job for you.
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Each button can be created with 3 layout options: text only, icon only, icon with text. Icons, background and border can be assigned with different colours, which will make your button stand out from the rest.

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Apart from triggering actions, each button in Metagrid can also display views. Imagine this - you press the button, Metagrid executes complex macro that saves you 10 clicks, and opens a subview reflecting your workflow stage. This way you can create complex interconnected menu systems with various function-related work areas.
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Each button can also take you back to the previous view for you, which makes navigating between views in Metagrid even easier. Anything that saves a press or click counts, right?
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Double touch with two fingers on any button to copy it, and long press with two fingers to paste the copied button. Additionally, you can use selective paste functionality. In edit mode, perform left edge swipe to display the selective copy and paste pane. Select the content you want to paste - like colour, action or text - and hide the pane. and swipe with two fingers across the buttons to paste only the selected parameters.


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Views are basic containers for your buttons in Metagrid. They allow you to organise your buttons in logical functional units that can be displayed at various stages of your workflow by pressing action buttons or scene bar buttons. You can create as many views as you need for any app.
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With 9 available grid sizes, you can create views that can hold from 12 up to 110 buttons. This enables you to adjust button size to available screen estate and needs. You can easily modify grid size at any time if needed.
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You can easily reorder buttons in views. Long touch a button in Ddit mode and drag it to the new position. You can also swap buttons: in Edit mode swipe down on a button you want to move and touch the target button, which will make both buttons change their position on the grid.


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Scene bar is conveniently located in the lower part of the screen. It enables you to switch between various views configured for your app. You can create as many scenes as you need for any app. Each scene can be be configured with custom text, color and icon. You can also easily reorder scenes to match your workflow.
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Each scene can be configured with primary and secondary view, which can be easily toggled with SHIFT buttons. This is an convenient way to quickly display complementary views.
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When you enter a subview, you can lock it to a scene and temporarily overwrite the assigned primary view. Go to a subview and long press the respective scene button - a lock icon will appear informing you that the subview is temporary assigned to a scene. To remove the lock, long touch the scene button again.


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Control your application with any combination of function keys like SHIFT, CMD, WIN, CTRL and ALT, alphanumeric keys and special keys like arrows, Enter, Tab etc. Create unique and most exotic key combos and assign them to commands in your apps. And here is the best part, you don’t have to remember them - Metagrid will do it for you.
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Create predefined chunks of text and assign them to your buttons. From short text, like track names in your DAW, to whole paragraphs for predefine email responses.
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Send MIDI Note, CC and Program Change messages to your DAW or virtual instruments. MIDI setup is very easy and hassle free - no coding, no complex MIDI routing. Finally, you don’t have to waste your life on designing your MIDI controllers.

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Control leading DAW software (Cubase, Logic X, Studio One and Digital Performer) like never before with thousands of DAW-specific commands directly on your iPad. And the best part is that you don’t have to assign any MIDI messages or keyboard shortcuts in your DAW. Just search and choose a command on your iPad and your are ready to go.
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Metagrid also features Pause command much needed for multi-step macros which require some waiting time between the steps.
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Macros enable you to combine multiple actions into complex sequences that can be triggered with just a touch of a button. Automate complex actions and save time and tens of clicks. Much needed pause commands ensure right execution time for each action in your macro, providing right flow and stability.