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“Metagrid has become such an important part of my work flow that without it, I’m not sure I’d be able to do the things that I need to do on a daily basis. Whether it’s a film for the Hallmark Channel or a Disney project, Metagrid is a part of the process. It’s rock solid, never fails as a software application and the fact that I can customize it to my workflow and needs makes it a perfect controller. Thanks for all of your hard work to make mine easier.”

- Rob Pottorf
film music composer (

"Metagrid has transformed the way I use Cubase. I used to have pieces of paper taped all over my main keyboard in an attempt to remember my countless custom key commands. With Metagrid I can trigger track layouts and execute my Logical Editor commands directly from my iPad. It's an absolute must have for anyone looking to really dig into their DAW and optimize work flow."

- Jason Graves
video game and film music composer (
"Using Metagrid is a fundamental aspect of how I maintain fast, and near impossible deadlines for composing and producing music. Like remembering fingering positions on a piano, I've remembered my custom metagrid layout so without having to focus my eyes on the Metagrid screen I can concentrate on producing fast and fluid music with my DAW. Metagrid is an essential component for any serious composer or producer looking to take their setup and their experience to the next level whilst shaving off precious time you can't possibly save with keyboard and mouse alone."

- Dillon M. DeRosa

film music composer (

"Metagrid has completely changed my workflow. I use it on Dual iPads and with Cubase of which I am controlling a 2400 track template (and counting) not forgetting using it for many Midi and Audio editing features. With the touch of one button I can navigate around many tracks and it suddenly makes a massive template manageable. Want to show just 1 Violin Track and hide everything else? No problem. Want to see specific tracks in Project window or mixconsole? No problem. It's easy to use, looks fantastic and always being updated with new features. The devs are great and looking forward to seeing what happens with MG in the future. Here is an entire Tutorial on how I use Metagrid to control a Cubase Template..."

- Luke Johnson
film music composer (

"Metagrid has had an enormous impact on my workflow, to the point that I can’t imagine trying to work without it.  I usually work in a very large template in Digital Performer, Metagrid has made navigating around the project soooooo much easier and faster.  It also has led me to explore deeper into DP, oddly enough.  After 20+ years of using the program there were still things I didn’t know it could do, but by mapping them to a Metagrid button it’s put them front and centre and I’m getting much more use out of a program I spend most of my time in.  Great app, great developer, best $15 I’ve spent in a long time."

- Jeff Tymoschuk
film music composer (
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"To put it lightly, it's so amazing i would have gladly paid 10x the price asked. It's such a polished, exceptional work that is almost unbelievable."

"i can only confirm I would buy an iPad just to have this "app". And calling it an "app" its like calling a Steinway a piece of wood that produces sounds. get the idea."

"It's a fantastically well thought out app and the first time I can safely say that I'm glad I bought an iPad."

"Metagrid is a huge workflow booster for me. Finally I can forget the shortcuts of my 70-80 Cubase macros…"

"Having just read this thread, I picked up Metagrid and am very, very impressed. Both with the breadth of functionality, and with the very pleasant presentation. "

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"If you’re looking for an application that can help streamline your DAW workflow, and if you work through multiple DAWs but don’t want to learn all the shortcuts between them, then this could be the application for you. I liked how I could create custom keyboard actions and assign buttons to quickly and easily run tasks that I do regularly in my DAW. "

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" If you have one or more older iPads laying around unloved since you got that shiny new iPad Pro, turning them into an Enterprise D style control surface seems like a great idea."

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"Metagrid is besides a very nice companion for your Audio / Video production software also a tool that can speedup your job and workflow extremely. We gained a lot of time just by using the “Volume Up and Down” function to change our levels thru the whole edit in once… and more easy and precise than when using a mouse or trackpad. Besides you will win some time in which can be very handy, the app will look incredible cool in your setup."