Who are we?
We are a small team of developers located in Wrocław, Poland. As arts|UNMUTED we were developing tools for musicians and composers for Liine Lemur. Our products found home in many project studios and composers’ suites. Finally, we have decided to transfer our concepts to iOS and make them available for wider audience.
Do I need any additional software to connect Metagrid to my computer?
Yes. You need to download a small application called Metaserver from the Download section. Metaserver receives and processes all incoming communication from Metagrid including keyboard shortcuts, text and MIDI messages. Metaserver doesn’t install any files on your system. To remove it, delete it from Application folder.
I can’t find any computers available for connection. What should I do?
Metagrid should seamlessly connect with your computer. Make sure both your iOS device and your computer are connected to the same WiFi network. Make sure you don’t have another instance of Metagrid on a different iOS device connected to your computer. If Metagrid doesn’t find your computer, press Refresh button on the connection page. In case of older routers and slow WiFi networks, you have to press Refresh several times. If the problem persists, close and restart Metagrid on your iOS device. If the problem still persists, contact us - we will do our best to help you.
Can I run Metagrid on my iPhone?
No. Metagrid has been optimized for iPads (including iPad Pro)
Can I connect multiple iOS devices with Metagrid to one computer?
Yes. You can connect up to 4 iPads with Metagrid to your computer to create a powerful remote control system for your PC/Mac desktop/laptop.
Does Metagrid support USB connection?
Yes, Metagrid supports USB connection both on Mac and. Windows.
Can I transfer my views to another iOS device with Metagrid installed?
Yes. See User Manual for the step-by-step instructions.
Can I export/import individual views or buttons?
Not yet. You can export/import the complete Metagrid database, though.
Does Metagrid keep MIDI port assignments when I restart my computer?
Yes. Metagrid v1.3 enables Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic X and Studio One keep the port assignments when you restart your Mac.