======IMPROVEMENTS ======
- updated command set for Cubase 9.5

====== BUG FIXES ======
- - action queues are no longer lost on changing the grid size to larger and then to smaller size
======IMPROVEMENTS ======
- updated command set for Studio One 3.5

====== BUG FIXES ======
- application names are now transferred correctly in Administrator Mode in Windows 10
- Metagrid now reconnects correctly after sleeping your iPad.
======IMPROVEMENTS ======
- Grid resize functionality now supports downsizing the grid.

====== BUG FIXES ======
- Metagrid no longer crashes on view deletion
- Now you can set secondary view to “None”
- Swap functionality stops being active after touching the target button.
- Text sent by Text action is no longer clipped.
- Metagrid now properly reacts to Metaserver showdown

====== KNOWN ISSUES ======
- (USB connection mode) When your computer enters sleep mode and then you reactivate it, Metagrid can’t find available servers. You have to restart your iPad for Metagrid to be able to detect available computers. This issue will be fixed in v1.4.2.
- on some Windows systems some application names (like Cubase) are not sent correctly in Administrator Mode. Use a default account.

The above issues will be fixed in the next version.
======NEW FEATURES ======
- multi client support - now you can connect up to 4 iPads to one computer running Metaserver v1.4
- shift buttons added to Scene Bar
- Secondary View functionality - now you can assign two views to a scene and switch between them with the new shift buttons.

======IMPROVEMENTS ======
- Now you can assign icons to scenes buttons (scene button can now display text only, icon only and icon & text)
- redesigned Scene List screen
- Undo/Redo functionality added in Edit Mode/Scene List
- Swap Buttons function added in Edit Mode (swipe down gesture on a button)
- Now you can resize view to a bigger size by touching Grid Size on Edit Mode: View screen.

====== BUG FIXES ======
- Studio One: “Add bus to Selected Channels” command now works as expected.
====== NEW FEATURES ======
- Windows USB support
- IPv6 WiFi network support

====== IMPROVEMENTS ======
- Mac OSX: Metagrid MIDI ports now stay permanently installed on you computer - no need to assign MIDI ports each time you reboot your computer
- improved communication management - now Metagrid uses a pool of communication ports - if one of them is taken by another app on your iPad, Metagrid switches to another free port. This will prevent communication problems while working with some other applications connected to your computer like Liine Lemur.
- new connections screen which makes user experience much more intuitive (icons for computer and connection types, a spinner signalling computer list refresh etc.)
- Cubase: updated command set for Cubase 9
- Cubase: dedicated scene macros added for Cubase that expand Cubase visibility functionality
- Cubase: 200 user macro commands (previously 100)
- Studio One: updated commands set for Studio One v3.3.3

====== BUG FIXES ======
- on some systems pressing a button with a multi-step action queue added some incremental delay which resulted in action queue times getting longer and longer. This issue is now fixed.
====== NEW FEATURES ======
- USB support for Mac

====== IMPROVEMENTS ======
- Metagrid automatically checks if you have the latest version of Metaserver running on your machine. If it finds an outdated version it displays an exclamation mark (“!”) next to the computer. When you choose this computer for connection it shows a alert asking you to download the latest Metaserver version from website.
====== NEW FEATURES ======
- Windows support

====== IMPROVEMENTS ======
- optimization of port assignment engine (in some rare cases some other apps could block the Metagrid communication port which resulted in app crashes)

====== BUG FIXES ======
- deleted or non-exiting views assigned to scenes don't crash the app
====== NEW FEATURES ======

- MIDI Program Changes support added - now you can use Program Changes messages in your Action Queues

====== IMPROVEMENTS ======

- Auto Lock functionality switched off - when Metagrid is displayed on your iPad screen, iPad will not automatically lock/ turn off the display.
- streamlined network scanning (Metagrid will always start with the list of detected computers - no need to manually refresh on start)

====== BUG FIXES ======

- fixed issue with MIDI notes being sent as MIDI CC messages
- you can now create new scenes in the viewset for Nuendo DAW software
====== NEW FEATURES ======

- Support for MOTU Digital Performer - including the complete set of commands and an advanced predefined viewset.

- Lock to Application - now you can lock the viewset to Logic Pro X, Studio One, Cubase or Digital Performer and Metagrid will not react to changing the application in focus on your computer. To lock the viewset, double click the Connection Status button. A lock icon will appear on the left of the Connection Status button which indicates that Metagrid is now locked to the application. For more information see User Manual.

- Macro commands category for Cubase with 100 predefined MIDI messages that can be assigned to your custom macros through a dedicated Metasystem - Macros Generic Remote device.

====== IMPROVEMENTS ======

- Color Selector now shows the currently selected color
- Streamlined view changing engine for large button grids

====== BUG FIXES ======

- keyboard shortcuts: "s" character is no longer sent as "b"
- WiFi connection: the following alert is displayed when no WiFi network is detected: "Close Metagrid and connect your iPad to a WiFi or LAN network. Restart Metagrid after establishing the WiFi connection." Previously the application crashed with no feedback for the user.