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MetaGrid Pro extends seamless access to virtually all menu commands across a wide array of Mac applications, even those lacking predefined keyboard shortcuts. By simply creating a macro featuring the 'Menu Command' action, you can effortlessly select the specific menu and command, granting instant accessibility. This functionality ensures seamless integration with the majority of applications on Mac, enhancing your control and navigation experience across diverse software."



Platform: Mac
MetaGrid Pro seamlessly integrates with various applications on your Mac, allowing external triggers to activate AppleScripts. These scripts empower MetaGrid Pro to effortlessly switch between grids, scenes, and workspaces, while also toggling OmniSpace/Lock and switching between primary/secondary grid for the currently selected scene. You can effortlessly incorporate these scripts into larger automation workflows using AppleScript or popular automation software like Keyboard Maestro. You can download the AppleScript chunks and Keyboard Maestro macros from the Downloads section.
In addition to enabling external triggers for AppleScripts, MetaGrid Pro offers the functionality to initiate your customized AppleScripts directly. Simply compile your desired script as an application, move it to the Application folder on your Mac, and within MetaGrid Pro, create a button using the 'Activate Application' macro. Select your compiled script, and MetaGrid Pro will seamlessly trigger this script every time you press the assigned button. This feature streamlines the execution of your personalized scripts, enhancing your workflow efficiency.
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Platform: Mac
  • all Keyboard Maestro macros accessible in MetaGrid Pro through a dedicated action, ready to be assigned to any button in any profile. No more keyboard shortcuts or MIDI messages as triggers.
  • preset grid streamlining macro creation in Keyboard Maestro.
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Platform: Mac
  • all your Apple Shortcuts on your Mac are accessible directly in MetaGrid Pro and can be added to any macro. No need to keyboard shortcuts assignments - now you can trigger Apple Shortcuts actions directly from your iPad
  • preset grid streamlining shortcut creations in Apple Shortcuts


The integrations are based on custom control surface implementations for respective DAWs. Additional setup steps are needed as detailed in the DAW & MIDI User Guide. You can watch also the tutorial videos for respective DAWs here.
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Platform: Mac
  • the Project/Edit/Record grids with most useful commands in Luna
  • 5 grids for controlling UAD Shape with sliders, XY pads, snapshots, drum pads and piano keyboard
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Platform: Mac / Win
  • thousands of Cubase commands ready to be assigned to your buttons with no keyboard shortcuts/MIDI messages
  • PLE composer macros
  • visibility macros
  • Cubase-related graphics
  • 1 demo grid/3 preset grids covering MIDI editing, mix console, selected channel and general project operations
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Platform: Mac
  • comprehensive set of Dorico music notation icons
  • hundreds of Dorico command ready to be assigned to you buttons (dedicated solution based on keyboard shortcuts list)
  • demo grid
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Platform: Mac / Win
  • all Logic Pro commands ready to be assigned to your buttons - no keyboard shortcuts/MIDI assignments needed
  • Logic-related graphics
  • 1 demo grid (Logic Project)/1 preset grid Logic PlugSearch for inserting plugins on the selected channel)
  • Logic Articulation Remote created in cooperation with Babylonwaves and Speakerfood. Learn more…
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Platform: Mac/Win
  • All Studio One commands ready to be assigned to your buttons - no keyboard shortcuts/MIDI assignments needed
  • Studio One-related graphics
  • 2 preset grids (Project / MIDI Editing)
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Platform: Mac / Win
- custom control surface implementation with multiple useful commands ready for the assignment to your buttons
- demo grid
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Platform: Mac/Win
  • custom keybinding file giving you access to multiple DP commands right on the iPad
  • preset grid
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Platform: Mac / Win
  • custom action file giving you access to multiple commands (main project area)