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You can easily supercharge MetaGrid Pro with sleek add-ons that give you additional level of control over your favourite apps on a Mac/PC. The add-ons include advanced grid objects and specialised grids. They are reasonably priced and can be bought for reasonable price in the Add-Ons Store in MetaGrid Pro.

By buying add-ons you support further development of MetaGrid Pro and our indie dev team.👍
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Type: Grid Object
A piano keyboard, drum pads, isomorphic drum pads and single pads with skinable interface and advanced options like scale selector (over 40 musical scales), velocity option based on the Y position of your tap, note doubling and holding options and much more.

XY Pad

Type: Grid Object
An advanced XY pad enabling you to define up to 16 MIDI CC parameters and dynamically create useful controller combinations for various parameters in your DAW/virtual instruments. The XY Pad features skinable user interface and advanced configuration options like number of controllers, X/Y lock modes, customisable value ranges and snapshot buttons.
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Keyboard Pack

Type: Preset Grids
9 beautiful grids emulating a Mac/PC computer keyboard. Inspired by Keychron mechanical keyboard we love and use every day.
… and more add-ons will be added soon. 😉